AIDA64 Extreme Edition v3.00.2500 Free Full Download with Serial Key


In plain English, a good benchmark and diagnosis utility can provide a ton of data about our system, way more than our own eyes could notice. Such an application is the acclaimed , AIDA64 Extreme Edition v3.00 full version formerly known as EVEREST, a benchmarking tool designed for Windows, capable of delivering a wide range of information about our system’s hardware and internal temperatures but also system stability testing, hardware error diagnosis, performance assessments and a bunch of other useful functions.

AIDA64 Extreme Edition v3.00.2500 Free Full Download with Serial Key

AIDA64 Extreme Edition v3.00.2500 Free Full Download with Serial Key

Software review:

It was designed for beginners and everything is extremely clear and concise. Navigating AIDA64 Extreme Edition v3.00 Free is a breeze due to the collapsing tabs in the left panel and the icons in the right panel. Most of these are informational, breaking down each of your computer’s subsystems by hardware component or software module and allowing you to drill down to details you never imagined were readily accessible, such as your DIMMs’ serial numbers or how many reboots you’ve performed since your desktop went live. As it is also built to assist you in your overclocking endeavors, the program can also help you compare the overclocked CPU speed with the original one.
The knowledge and power that AIDA places in our hands, combined with the structured and easily accessible interface make up a relevant example of how a reliable benchmarking and diagnosis tool should look like. A reliable and flexible tool, Aida 64 gives its users the possibility to have access to the system’s hardware and software information as well as test its stability through benchmarks. AIDA64 Extreme Edition v3.00 download is indeed accessible for anyone, but its vast array of features make this comprehensive diagnosis and benchmarking tool most powerful when in the hands of power users, hardware enthusiasts and overclocking addicts that require more than a quick look under the “hood” of their computer.

Developer: FinalWire
Release Date: June 7, 2013
Crack Type: AIDA64 Extreme Edition v3.00 crack
Size: 15,5 MB
PLATFORM: Windows All

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